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Last modified: September 15, 2020

Teaching Metaphor Artist Statement

I am a raindrop.

I come from a much higher source.

I help living things to grow, to live, to thrive.

I replenish, renew and cleanse.

When I am combined with other raindrops, I nourish the earth

with one of it’s most important elements and nutrients and be far

greater than I ever could be all alone.

When I fall on a body of water, the ripples caused by my impact

go on and on upon the surface while my contents nourish and restore

every living thing within the body of water.

A beautiful dance gently emerges, flowing freely, and gracefully, as was intended.

I wash away the salty trails left by tears of frustration, hurt and ignorance.

I mirror reflections of beauty and wonder accented in prisms and colors of the rainbow.

I reflect the colors of the source from which I came, casting the colors

of the rainbow and spreading hope upon those things I nourish.

Such is the way that I drop in on each soul.