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Last modified: September 15, 2020

My Philosophy of Education

I am your child.

Wherever you go, you take me, too.

Whatever I know,

I learn from you.

Whatever I do

You taught me to do.

I am your child,

I am your child,

And I am your chance.

Whatever will come,

Will come from me.

Tomorrow is won by winning me.

What I am you taught me to be.

Hope, chance, I am your child.

(I am Your Child by Marty Panzer; music by Barry Manilow)

I am your child. Wherever you go, you take me, too. Whatever I know, I learn from you.

I believe that we are all connected in one great family known to man as the human race! We are connected to everything around us in this beautiful planet. As an educator, I take seriously the opportunity to partner with parents and their children to create the best learning environment that I can provide. Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher, I cannot and will not take their place– won’t even try–but I know that I am entrusted with their child for the majority of their waking day, 5 days a week, 181 days a year—that is a lot of time! If it wouldn’t be good enough for my child, then it will not be good enough for the children of others.

Example is powerful! I strive to model attributes of honesty, kindness, fairness, empathy, compassion, a quest for knowledge and learning in all of its forms. I model curiosity and reflection. It is important that my classroom is a safe place, where my students know they can be themselves, improve and realize their potential at this phase of their life, prepared to move on to new, age-appropriate opportunities when they graduate from my class. In my class they learn to look beyond themselves, to care for and look out for others, they learn much through teamwork. In my class, knowledge is imparted, discovered, explored, and produced. We do this through the medium of the arts. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning drives our learning, while literacy is at the heart of all of it!

Whatever I do, you taught me to do.

If I model a mindset of you’re either smart or you’re not, you’re either a learner or not a learner, then my students will give up long before the end of their schooling. On the other hand, if I model the power of learning from mistakes, of persisting and being resilient, that we are all learners with great potential for learning, overcoming, and with greatness inside of us, then my students will have a great foundation from which to build on their learning path. I value ongoing training that will enhance my teaching practices. I want to give my students the very best that I have every year that I teach. How can I expect them to value continual learning, if I am not demonstrating that I am constantly looking for ways to learn and grow?

I am your child, I am your child, And I am your chance.

Every day the students are with me, even when they’re not with me, I think of what I can do to help them succeed. Their future is bright, and they deserve a chance to shine in their own unique way in my class. Choice is powerful! Learning with them and from them is essential if I’m going to give each of them the chance that they deserve in realizing their potential.

Whatever will come, Will come from me.

I believe in student centered learning to drive my instruction. I give careful observation to individual students and the collective group. My goal is to have their needs guide what I do. I help students observe the world of beauty, especially through literature and the arts, then learn the skills to improve and produce their own art, while giving them time to create as they go.

Tomorrow is won by winning me.

The children are our future. I have one short year to influence them. I owe it to them to give them my best. I start by letting them know that I care for every single one of them on a personal basis. If children experience security, they begin to trust in themselves and those around them. The future is BRIGHT when I think of the students I’ve taught.

What I am you taught me to be. Hope, chance, I am your child. These are profound reasons to give the children my best!