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Today is Connection MONDAY!   Today is all about connection.  Let’s connect face to face, person to person.  No devices between us.  Did you know that in order to feel connected each person needs eight 8 second hugs EVERY day?

Challenge: Kids & parents – Today’s challenge is to give everyone in your family at least one 8 second hug!  If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can try for 8 eight second hugs with each family member! We dare you!

“Smartphones and social media, when we hand them to our kids, it is literally stealing their joy. It’s robbing them from the ability to create and feel real connection. Instead of dealing with their emotions and their feelings head-on, kids are just scrolling on their phones to numb their pain and their feelings, which is robbing them of resiliency.” -Collin Kartchner

Everybody get busy hugging!

-Dani & Malia

In case you missed it…

NetSmartz August Tip: Digital Citizenship. Consider how you model digital citizenship to your children.  What can you do better?  Try to have a healthy balance of on and off screen time and create an environment where online experiences can be shared–both good and bad.

Media can inhibit connection with others–this challenge helps us get it back.


It's amazing it's the last week of September already!  The PTA Fund Run is Friday.  Below is the schedule with the time each grade level goes out to run.  Parents are welcome to come and cheer on...

The PTA Fund Run is coming up soon on Friday, Sept. 29.  This is our one and only fundraiser for teachers each year so please donate what you can to help fund things like field trips, classroom...

Dear Edgemont Parents, Have you noticed the leaves starting the change on the mountains? This is one of my favorite times of the year. Last week's Bike to School week was a great success. Thank you...