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Today is Listen TUESDAY aka “I can tell my parents anything.”

Today’s challenge focuses on strengthening relationships with our children.   A good relationship doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes practice.  Take the everyday opportunity to weave the threads of a good relationship with your child.

“Kids will feel comfortable talking to you about hard things if, in the past, they felt comfortable talking to you about easy and happy things.”  -EveryDayStrong, United Way

Kids: your challenge is to tell your parents about one funny/important/exciting part of your day. Parents: your challenge is to LISTEN with your full attention.

Ready, set, LISTEN!

-Dani & Malia

In case you missed it…

NetSmartz September Tip: Gaming Safety.   Take an active interest in the games your child plays online–ask them about their favorite game and make time to play the game together.  Prepare your child to protect themself–talk about potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Have regular digital check ins and maintain open lines of communication.


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