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Edgemont Elementary School

Dear Edgemont Families,

Welcome back to the new school year! We hope you have had a great summer and are ready to start back in a couple of weeks. We are excited to have our Edgemont students back and ready to learn.  Our teachers are getting everything ready for the arrival of our students.  We know this will be a great year.  Below is some important information, so please read through and enjoy!

Class Assignments 

You can find your child’s class assignment on PowerSchool. Here’s the link:

Please keep in mind that we’ve worked very hard to create balanced classes and will not be making any class changes. Class requests took place in April and we have honored those requests.  I have great confidence in all of my teachers and I know your child will be successful in any of our classrooms at Edgemont. 

While you are in PowerSchool, please follow the directions in it to update your information. It’s important that the school has updated addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as emergency contacts.  

Grade Level Hallway Updates

When you come to Back to School Night, you may notice a few classroom moves.  To make a safe area for having more classrooms for full day Kindergarten, we needed to move around some grade level classrooms.  We’ll have signs up at Back to School Night to help you find your classrooms.  Here’s the new classroom locations:

Kindergarten – Kindergarten hallway and downstairs west hallway 1st grade – downstairs west hallway 2nd grade – downstairs east hallway 3rd grade – STEAM classes – downstairs east hallway, French DLI – upstairs east hallway  4th grade – upstairs east hallway 5th grade – upstairs west hallway 6th grade – upstairs west hallway Art – room 121

Back to School Night

Monday, August 14, 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Come with your child to meet their teacher and see their classroom.  The PTA will also be there and you can meet the PTA board, join PTA, sign up to help with our many school events, and get your school t-shirt.

School Supplies 

Please check our school website for a list of school supplies for your child’s classroom. 

The items on these lists will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.


First Day of School

The first day of school for grades 1st – 6th will be August 16. During the first week of school, August 16-17 & 21-22, there will be early dismissal at 1:00 pm and on Friday, August 18 dismissal will be at the regular Friday time of 1:30 pm.  This is due to transportation schedule issues with all elementary schools having early release during that week and is out of the school’s control. Please make arrangements for your children to be picked up at the correct time each day.  


The first day of school for Kindergarten will be August 23.  All of our Kindergarten classes are full day from 8:40 am -3:20 pm each day. Kindergarten parents will be contacted next week to schedule an appointment for Kindergarten testing during the week of August 16-21.  After the testing is complete, placement classes will be determined.  A Kindergarten parent open house and meeting will be held on August 22 from 9-10 am in the cafeteria. 

School Hours:

School hours are:

Monday through Thursday –  8:40 am – 3:20 pm 

Friday – 8:40-1:30 pm

**During the first week of school, August 16-17 & 21-22, there will be early dismissal at 1:00 pm and on Friday, August 18 dismissal will be at the regular Friday time of 1:30 pm.

**Please have your children at school and on time each day.

School Office Hours:

Our School Office hours are from 8:15am-3:45pm Monday-Friday.  If you need assistance before or after that please call for an appointment.   

Morning Student Drop Off and Afternoon Student Pick up:

The drop off/pick up procedures are as follows, also check the map below:

** With all of the construction on Timpview Drive at Timpview High School and parking issues along Timpview Drive, do not drop off students on Timpview Drive or anywhere else, but what is shown on our map below.  Provo City will be ticketing cars double parked along this road, inappropriately parked in handicap spaces, parking and dropping off students along the street behind the school, or dropping students off in the parking lot.  Please follow our drop-off and pick-up procedures using the instructions and map below. 

There are two lanes in the driveway. The right lane is for drop-off and pick-up. The left lane is a pull-through only. Students are dropped off and picked up along the sidewalk on the right-hand side. They need to exit the right side of the car. If the doors are blocked on that side, the parent needs to get out of the car, open the door, and walk their child to the sidewalk. The pull-through lane is pull-through only, with no parking or drop-off, or pick-up. Cars in the pull-through lane are continuously moving. All students wait on the sidewalk along the school to get picked up. No students will be allowed to wait on the sidewalk on the other side of the driveway. Never drop off children in the parking lot! Park and walk your child across the parking lot and to the school. Cars with a handicap sticker or license plates should park in the handicap parking. 

Before School: 

All students arriving at school before 8:35 am go to the back playground to play until the first bell rings at 8:35. Please do not drop off your child before 8:15 as there will be no supervision at that time. The first bell rings at 8:35 am, all students line up on the back playground and wait for their teacher.  There are designated spots for each class on the playground along the south side. Classroom teachers will let students know on the 1st day of school where that spot is.  Teachers will come out to pick up students and walk them to their classrooms. The tardy bell rings at 8:40 am.  All students are expected to be in their classrooms at that time and are counted tardy if not.  If your child eats breakfast, the main doors will open at 8:15 am for them to come into the building to eat breakfast. 

Social Media:

Follow us on our social media and website to keep up with the latest information.

Facebook: @EdgemontElementary

Instagram: edgemont_elementary 

Twitter: @edgemonteagle


We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on August 14 at Back to School Night!  If you have any questions before then, please call our front office at 801-221-9984.  

Harmony Kartchner, Principal


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