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MORE HUGS FRIDAY – Kids need a strong support system to help them make it through life’s hardships.  Parents, everyday tell your children:

You matter to me! I Love you! Everything will be ok!

And keep those 8 second hugs coming!

“Kids today are amazing. I talk to thousands every month, and they’re incredible. They are resilient, they are bright, they are savvy, they are tolerant. But they are growing up in a world that is muckier and scarier than any of us could ever imagine. And they need now more than ever, from you and me, to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved.” – Collin Kartchner

Optimally we hope you’ve put down your devices this week and hugged, talked, played, and had a little one-on-one time with your kids.   At a minimum, we hope that we’ve given you food for thought.

Special thanks to Collin Kartchner for every moment he spent sharing these important messages, and extra love to his family who, along with all those he touched, must miss him tremendously.

Hear and love your kids, we sure do!

-Dani & Malia

In case you missed it…

NetSmartz December Tip: My child has a device–now what?  Create a family media device contract with your kids–ask them what kind of limits they think are reasonable.  Set screen time limits.  Specify no-phone zones like the bedroom, locked spaces, and the dining table! Have a communal space where all devices go at night.

Additional tips on Cyberbullying (January) and Trustworthy Online Sources (February) are also available at NetSmartz Monthly Timely Tip.

Collin Kartchner demonstrates the power of a hug.


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