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Dear Edgemont Parents and Students,

Welcome to an new school year! We hope you all had a wonderful summer. This summer we saw the movie Incredibles 2 and Harmony and I also got to spend some time in Disneyland and ride the new Incredibles Roller Coaster. It was so fun and helped to inspire the theme for this year at Edgemont Elementary School. The theme is “Be Incredible in All You Do!” The way all of the students and faculty at Edgemont will “Be Incredible in All We Do” is by remembering the traits of each of the characters from tl1e movies.

As we start the school year we will talk more with the students, parents and faculty about our vision of ”Being Incredible” at Edgemont. Watch for more information to come about our ”Be Incredible” theme this year.

First grade only will be having early out days August 15-22 at 1 :30 pm for testing this year. This is a change fro1n previous years. Please watch for more information in your email and on our website to sign up for 1st grade testing. Parents will need to accompany their child for the testing. The teacher will be sharing tl1e testing information with the parent during that tii11e. We also hope that the early outs for these 6 days will help ease the transition from Kinder to 1st grade French immersion for our 1st grade French students.

Kindergarten testing will be August 15-20. Please watch for a link in your email and on our school website to sign up for testing times. The first day of Kindergarten will be Wednesday, August 22.

Additionally, here are some important back to school dates to put on your calendar. Be sure to check our school website and calendar for updated events. You can even add it to your own Google calendar by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the calendar on our school website. Important Back to School Dates

If you haven’t signed up to be a part of our PTA, we’d love to have you participate. Look for a sign up table at Back to School Night. There are lots of great events that PT A helps with at our school that can use lots of volunteers. We sure appreciate them!

As you drop off and pick up your students to and from school please remember the following:

Thanks for your help. This will keep all of our Edgemont students, parents, and faculty safe!

Before school starts, please log on to PowerSchool and update your registration information. It is important for the school to have updated address, e1nail, pho11e numbers and emergency co11tact information. This is also a good way to keep tabs on student grades, and assignments. If you don’t have an account yet, you can set it up at the link above. Once you’re there, click on Create Parent Account. You will need your child’s student 11umber and birthday. Please call our fro11t office if you need help with setting this up.

Enjoy the last days of summer vacation and we’ll see you on Monday, August 13 at 5:30 pm for Back to School Night and then Wednesday, August 15 for the first day of school. Get ready to ”Be Incredible” at Edgemont!

Sincerely, Gaye Gibbs, Principal Harmony Kartchner, Facilitator