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Edgemont Elementary School

Dear Edgemont Families,

We have noticed some safety concerns during our drop off and pick times at school so with a new semester, we wanted to resend the drop off and pick up procedures for Edgemont.  It’s important that everyone follow these procedures so we can keep all of our students safe.  The procedures are below and also attached in a PDF with a diagram for clarity.  

  • There will be only two lanes in the driveway. The right lane will be drop off/pick up only. The left lane will be pull-through only.
  • Students can be dropped off/picked up along the sidewalk on the right hand side. They need to exit the right side of the car. If the doors are blocked on that side, the parent needs to get out of the car, open the door, and walk their child to the sidewalk.
  • The pull through lane is pull through only, no parking or drop off/pick up. Cars in the pull through lane need to be moving.
  • All students need to wait on the sidewalk along the school to get picked up. No students will be allowed to wait on the sidewalk on the other side of the driveway.
  • Do not drop off children in the parking lot. You will need to park and walk your child across the parking lot and to the school.   If you are currently picking up or dropping off students in the parking lot, please stop.  There have been some very close calls of students almost getting hit when parents have done this. 
  • Only cars with handicap stickers or license plates are allowed to park in the handicap parking. 

Thank you for your help with keeping all of our students safe. Putting on our “patient pants” in the car line and working together we can make sure all students stay safe during the drop off and pick up times. The safety of your children is one of our top priorities at Edgemont Elementary School! 

Pickup & Dropoff Directions


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