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Last modified: October 21, 2022


Even if you don’t speak French as a parent, you can do a lot to help your child improve his/her level of French.


If you have DVDs, make your child watch the movies in French, without subtitles (usually the written words don’t match the audio, so it’s VERY confusing). If your child has already watched the movie in English, or knows the story, his/her comprehension will be very high. Disney movies almost always have the audio in French.

Tell your child that this is homework from Mlle. Gimenez… They will love this kind of homework!

If you don’t have any DVDs, use the internet! Your child can watch mini-French-movies in YouTube! Here are some ideas:

L’âne Trotro

L'âne Trotro

Be careful! Some of these videos are in English! Be sure that the title of the episode is in French.

Le Petit Nicolas

Les Schtroumpfs

Les Schtroumpfs

They have TONS of Schtroumpfs’ videos in YouTube.