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Edgemont Elementary School

Last modified: October 21, 2022

Holly Patching

Welcome to Mrs. Patching’s Class. I am thrilled to be teaching 3rd grade this year.

This is my 9th year at Edgemont. In the past, I have enjoyed teaching Science to all grade levels. This will be my third year teaching 3rd grade. I love 3rd graders! They have a passion for exploring new things. I can’t wait to learn and grow together.

Attendance, Absences, and Tardies: Please be on time to school. School will start promptly at 8:40am. When students arrive at school, they will line up outside on the playground blacktop. This is located in the back of the school. Students will be given time to hang up their backpacks and wash their hands. I will be taking attendance when we enter the classroom. If a student is tardy, please check into the office before coming to class. If you are absent, please contact the front office. You may also contact me at Parents should check their child to make sure they do not have a fever or nausea. If your child has any symptoms of illness, please stay home and get better. School will dismiss at 3:20pm.

Behavior: Students, I expect you to be good listeners and follow instructions. Hands should be kept to yourself. You should be respectful to others. Behavior will be monitored throughout the day. I hope you will always do your best. I will give a warning for inappropriate behavior. If a warning has to be given more than twice, I will notify a parent and have a discussion about behavior. Our school will be participating in SOAR Slips this year. Teachers will be watching students and give these slips out to students that demonstrate excellent behavior. Students will have an opportunity to enter these slips into a drawing for prizes. Woohoo!

Birthdays: I love to celebrate! If you would like, you can bring in a treat to share with the class. This is not necessary, but it is certainly acceptable. The treat needs to be store bought. We will recognize your child’s birthday, whether or not a treat is brought in. If their birthday is in the Summer, I will do an Un-Birthday recognition in May.

Bullying: This is not tolerated. Please refer to Safe Schools Policy at Chromebooks: Each student will be assigned a Chromebook. Students are expected to take special care of the Chromebooks. We will use them everyday. This year, they will NOT go home with your student. All Chromebooks will STAY IN THE CLASSROOM. I will send home logins and passwords for your at home devices.

Homework expectations: Parents, please set up a quiet, study space for your child. It should include a solid surface, paper to write on, pencils and an eraser. I do not send a lot of extra homework home, but students should be reading and practicing their math flashcards everyday.

●  Students should read 20-30minutes every weeknight. I will ask for the number of pages your child reads every week. Each page they read will give fuel to our Reading Rocket. Our goal is for our rocket to visit each planet in the Solar System. As we land on each planet, we will have an activity to learn about that planet and to celebrate. ●  Math flashcards will be sent home. Please take 10 minutes each day to review the flashcards with your child. This will help your child gain fluency in Multiplication.

Our Daily Schedule: 8:45 – 9:30 – English Tier 1 Instruction

9:30 – 10:15 – Specialties (Monday/Art, Tuesday/PE, Wednesday/Music, Thursday/Library) 10:15 – 10:45 – English Intervention 10:45 – 11:30 – English Tier 1 Instruction and Centers 11:30 – 12:00 – Lunch

12:00 – 1:45 – Math Tier 1 Instruction and Centers 1:45 – 2:00 – Recess 2:00 – 2:30 – Math Intervention 2:30 – 3:15 – Science/Social Studies

Supplies and Donations: Please bring your supplies on the first day of school. The

supply list is on Please put your child’s name on their school box.

The supplies on the list are donated on a voluntary basis. If you can not bring them, the school will furnish them.

I look forward to seeing you soon!