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Edgemont Elementary School

Last modified: October 30, 2023

Kid Websites

Spending Time practicing on your computer can be a great way to practice skills that will make you a better student.

Reading Plus – All your children have worked on this website this year. It is wonderful for fluency practice and reading tracking. Site code is edgemontes. – Each student has minutes they need to complete each week on this site. – This is the schoolwide typing program.

Into Math – We do all our math assignments online.  Your child needs to login to their email account before this link will work. IXL – This is a math website with lots of different skills to practice in the specific grade your child is in. – This is a fun interactive website to practice math. Wonders – This is the reader we use in school for our language arts, writing and spelling work. Utah Compose – this is a website for learning to write better. Your child will receive a username and password at school, but can practice at home. – We have done work on this website to teach coding skills

Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians SuccessMaker Beatrice’s Goat Links How much milk does a goat produce? School Uniforms – GAP School Uniforms – Target School Uniforms – Walmart School Supplies – Walmart School Supplies – Target School Supplies – Staples Skittles – Target Skittles – Walmart