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Edgemont Elementary School

Last modified: May 23, 2019

Suggested 1st Grade Supplies

Please bring on the first day of school (8/15/19)

1. Backpack with name inside

2. School supply plastic box This needs to be big enough to hold crayons and pencils. We prefer a plastic box, approx. 5” X 8”. Please label with your child’s name.

3. Three boxes of crayons–24 count only

4. Two -Four packages of #2 Ticonderoga pencils (pre-sharpened is very helpful)

5.  3 packages of glue sticks

6.  One 2-pack of standard pink erasers (not pencil top erasers, and not oversized)

7.  1 packet colored pencils

8. 2 composition notebooks 9 ¾ in. x 7 ½ in. can be found at Walmart or Dollar Tree

9. 1 box of tissues to share with class

10. 1 small pair of child’s scissors

11. 1 package of black dry-erase markers (Expo brand preferred)

We will provide folders for the students.

We collect all the pencils and sharpen them for the students. Please label pencil boxes, backpacks, sweaters and coats.

*What NOT to send to school: markers, staplers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pens, paper and folders. It is too much for the children to carry around and to sort through in their pencil boxes. In addition, these items become distractions to them. I will provide them with these materials as needed. Thank you!